25 Health Fitness Tips


30 Health Tips

Here they are!  USDA guidelines inspired, straight foreword, quick, and easy.  From curbing cravings, and eating triggers, to exercise advice, and party situations.  You don’t need to be a dietetics student to know how to take charge of your health!  Heck, lots of dietitians out there are overweight.  It’s up to you to decide what to do with these tips.  Let’s not waste any more time.  Your future is in your hands.

  1. Look at ingredients. If something has an ingredient listed that you don’t know what it is, don’t eat it.
  2. Focus on a healthy lifestyle- for a lifetime- not on “dieting.” Dieting alone is often a short-term tactic without long-term results.
  3. Give yourself at least 5 minutes between every hour of computer time: walk to the water fountain, or go up a few flights of stairs.
  4. Don’t be an idiot, get the brown rice.  Refined, processed, and “white” grains are stripped of the bran that has all the B vitamins and fiber.
  5. Eat enough fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods.  Being high in fiber, nutrients, and low in calories, they satisfy and fuel you.
  6. Quinoa is a whole grain, a complete protein, and it’s really high in iron!
  7. The longer, more frequently, and more vigorously you move, the more calories you burn.  When you burn more than you consume, your body uses its energy stores, and you lose weight.  Just adding thirty minutes of brisk walking to your day makes a difference!
  8. If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, you’re not hungry.
  9. When you arrive at a party, avoid rushing to the food.  Consider eating a little beforehand to take the edge off your hunger.  Greet people, drink some water, and settle into the festivities before eating.
  10. Stress may lead to nibbling on more food and consuming more calories than your body needs.  The best stress reliever: exercise! Mmm some yoga flow, a nice jog, can’t beat that endorphin high.
  11. Thirst can often be confused with hunger, try drinking a cup of water, and waiting 10-15 minutes to decide if you are truly hungry.
  12. Tailgating? Just make one trip to the food table.  Move your socializing away from the food to avoid unconscious nibbling.
  13. If the number on the label on your produce has 4 numbers, it is conventionally grown.  5 numbers starting with the number 8 means they are genetically modified (GMO).  And 5 numbers starting with 9 means they were organically grown.
  14. Eat slowly.  Savor.  Try to make eating the only event.  Eating unconsciously or distracted may lead to eating more than you think.  Eating slowly will help you eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re satisfied.
  15. Dairy is the root cause for a lot of allergies, indigestion, gas, bloating, fatigue, and congestion.  There are much cleaner ways to get your calcium and vitamin D.  You like sucking on big cow tits?
  16. Craving something naughty? Set a time to enjoy it later.  This makes it so that you do not overeat the naughty item later, and, more often than not, you will forget about it and not even want it later.
  17. If you must eat meat, make it spinach.  Oh haha, I mean sunflower seeds. Oops again, if you MUST eat meat, you’re supposed to go for the seafood. Although, spinach is 50% available amino acid protein and meat’s protein is 50% denatured.
  18. Before you dive into eating something that you are craving, but probably won’t make you feel your best, eat fruit first.  Before divulging that cheesy bread, try having a juicy orange, a crisp apple, or a sweet banana.  These will probably be more satisfying than you expected and you will eat less cheesy bread, or not even care for it anymore.
  19. Be aware of the influence of others.  You don’t need to eat cake, muffins, or bagels just because somebody brought them!
  20. Limit the calories you take in from solid fats (saturated and trans fats) and from added sugars.
  21. Rethink your ways of eating.  Do any habits promote weight gain?  Consider what, when, why, where, and how you eat.  If you need to, make some changes.
  22. Keep healthful, nutrient-rich snacks available.  Fruit in your backpack- always.
  23. Think long-term; act gradually.  Fasting and starvation-type diets can peel off pounds, but most weight that’s lost quickly is water loss, which will come back as fast as it’s lost.
  24. Oh I know why you’re fat… it’s all the bananas you eat!! #ishnoonesays
  25. Exercise creates a “trimmer” mindset.  As people get more physically active, they often opt for foods with fewer calories, less fat, and less added sugars.  The reason?  It just seems to “feel good.”
  26. Limit sugary drinks like soda and alcoholic beverages.  Their calories add up, and there is nothing in there that is good for you.
  27. Make health your weight-management priority.  Strive for your best weight for health, not necessarily the lowest weight you could be. A probable bonus: Positive changes in your appearance!
  28. Savor. Cut yourself some slack. Don’t stress.  If food choices become stressful, you’ve gone too far! Food should be enjoyed and appreciated, never stressful or cause of worry.  Nobody’s perfect.  Allow for occasional slipups in your eating strategies, without feeling guilty.
  29. There is no recommendation to eat meat in the United States Department of Agriculture Dietary Guidelines.
  30. Drink water! Go easy on the alcohol and “drunk foods,” and stay hydrated!  Your body is 70% water! Do you eat all high water content foods that are 70% water?! If no, than, drink up!

Whether you implement this advice into your lifestyle is not up to your doctor, your dietitian, or me.  It is all up to you.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  If you think a healthy lifestyle is too inconvenient or too hard for you, consider how hard it would be leading a life with compromised health.  Put yourself first.  After all, you are a beautiful human being. Love your body, and take excellent care of it. ❤ J.


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