5 ways to get your MINDSET to BENEFIT instead of SABOTAGE your health?! 🧐

1. If we are STRESSED while we eat, food is NOT digested properly! More likely to store as fat! 🤯

2. When we LOVE ourselves we are more likely to follow through with health promoting behaviors

3. WILLINGNESS to feel uncomfortable feelings allows us to transmute and practice becoming stronger instead of NUMBING with food, drugs, or other coping mechanisms

4. The placebo effect. !! Whether you THINK you can or THINK you can’t, you’re right! 😲 PAY ATTENTION to what you believe!

5. Health is NOT obession with health!! Health is laughter, love, freedom, connection, pleasure, and SO MUCH MORE than nutrition and fitness! 💃

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5 Tips: REST or WORKOUT?!

Should you let yourself rest or should you push it and workout ??

1. If weight didn’t change, would you still do it?
This is for self care, not for self induced torture. Is it stress relieving or stress inducing to do this workout?

2. Magic Minute
Take a minute to close your eyes and check in with yourself

3. Honor what you’re going through
There might be a lot going on in your life. Are you getting enough sleep or exerting yourself too much physically doing other things? Honor if self care means resting or pushing yourself based on a reflection around how you are doing holistically.

4. Try the workout
Go for it! Always an option to go lighter or do a less strenuous exercise. If you try and you’re still really not feeling it: definitely a red flag you should rest.

5. Embrace Discomfort with Compassion
It is ok and AWESOME to get uncomfortable at the gym and in life.  However: are you doing it because you’re excited about it or because you’re forcing yourself to do it with negative self talk?

Hope these tips help you! 🙂

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Food Freedom AND Be Healthy?!

I used think it was impossible to actually be totally free around food and eat healthily. I thought if I allowed all foods, I would eat too many snacks or desserts, and I would end up feeling sick and overall, gross.

Here, I hope you find some peace of mind learning how to practice food freedom AND eat healthily!

1. Food Is Not Just Nutrients

👉True holistic health is not just calculating our nutrition and sticking to our fitness plan.  It involves connection, freedom, pleasure, laughter, relaxation, and so much more.  It is awesome to both be intentional about getting in our nutrients because we love ourselves AND to be intentional about prioritizing pleasure, connection, celebration, and memories that are created when we get to savor our favorite foods.

2. Following RULES vs Following LOVE

👉Are the food rules you have serving you and are they coming from a place of love or fear?  Be sure to check in and make sure that the structure you have in place is realistic and loving.  Rules often don’t take into consideration the fluctuations of our needs on the day and it is important to love and trust ourselves and slow down so we can be intuitive instead of being a slave to rules.

3. Structure vs. Obsession

👉Having some structure and a plan is great to help us feel our best. However, this becomes an issue when the structure becomes an obsession.  Recognize that your mental health is just as important as physical health and if you start to get obsessive about your food and fitness, observe the fears that may be coming up for you and remind yourself that true holistic health is all about self compassion, freedom AND enjoyment.

At the end of the day, it is always your choice.  Even if you have an allergy to a certain food, it is still your choice to eat that food or not and it is your choice to take on the consequences of eating that food or not.  I hope this helped you navigate where you are at with your relationship with food. If it resonated at all, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Sending love!



As a plant based dietitian and fitness instructor, people often come to me with weight loss goals. Not realizing that what they actually want is confidence, acceptance, worth, love, freedom, and comfortability in their body.
Don’t be fooled thinking that weight loss = confidence or health.
I invite you to truly empower yourself with your health goals in a more loving and sustainable way. 

1. Focusing on WEIGHT

👉Instead of obsessing about a number on the scale, clothing size, or appearance goal,
focus on loving yourself like you love a best friend or a child,
and doing health promoting behaviors that allow you to feel energized,
vibrant, focused, and holistically healthy!
When we focus too much on weight, the results are short lasting and not always health promoting.

2. Restrict, Binge, Shame Cycle

👉Instead of excessively restricting specific foods, food groups, or calories,
let all foods be included in a holistically healthy lifestyle.
Treats and desserts may not necessarily be considered the healthiest option from a nutrition standpoint, but mental health, sensory pleasure, human connection, and celebration are all a part of holistic health.
Start to slow down, take the stress out of eating, and trust and listen to your hunger and fullness cues.

3. Objectifying Yourself

👉Instead of your appearance and your weight being the most important thing about you,
make sure to value other incredible aspects of yourself. Your passion, empathy, talents, creativity, gentleness.. let the list go on and on.
You are SO MUCH MORE than weight and appearance.
It’s about time we started embracing ourselves for all that we are instead of being fixated on things we wish were different.  How liberating would it feel to see someone you love finally fully love themselves.  Let’s set the example!

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