Happy Earth Day!


Did you know that each person who lives a plant based lifestyle reduces their eco footprint by 85%The Economist(Nov. 2019);   PNAS – National Academy of Sciences (Nov. 2019)

There are lots of ways eating a plant based diet can help the environment:

1. Decreasing Water Pollution:

In the US, raising animals for food pollutes our waterways more than all other industries COMBINEDUS Environmental Protection Agency, (Feb. 7, 2017)

2. Protecting Against Zoonotic Diseases:

According to the CDC: “Three out of four emerging infectious diseases originate in animals.” #covid19

3. Decreasing Methane in the Atmosphere:

Meat and dairy cows spread up to 543,600 tons of methane every day! In its’ first 10 years, methane is 130 times more powerful than CO2. It traps 100 times more heatScience, 326, pp.716-718, (2009);  Climate Healers, Animal Agriculture White Paper (Nov. 2019)

4. Preventing Forest Fires:

Raising animals for food is the leading cause of rainforest destruction.  Forests are also burned to grow soybeans and 90% of those soybeans become feed for livestock!

5. Decreasing Greenhouse Gases:

Raising animals for food spreads more greenhouse gases than ALL cars, trucks, buses, trains, boats, & planes used WORLDWIDE. – http://www.scientistswarning.org/meat/ http://www.awellfedworld.org/livestock-climate-advanced/  – http://www.climatehealers.org/animal-agriculture-white-paperhttp://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2019/04/04/meat-and-agriculture

6. Saving Water!

By living meat and dairy free, each person would save over 500,000 gallons of water every year. Eat For The Planet (2018);   http://www.watercalculator.org > save-water
Worldwide, people will drink 5.2 billion gallons of water, over 700 million people will suffer from water scarcity and meat and dairy cows will drink 45 billion gallonshttp://www.un.org > waterforlifedecade > scarcity;   http://www.cowspiracy.com > Facts

7. Preventing Food Waste:

On this day…worldwide, people will eat 21 billion pounds of food, more than 820 million people will go hungry, and meat and dairy cows will be fed 135 billion pounds of food. 157,000,000 metric tons of food fed to livestock in the US produces 28 metric tons of meat.

Did any of these stats surprise you!? There is A LOT more I could say! Eating a plant based diet is truly the BEST thing you can do for our planet!

I hope you take the time to take off your shoes and feel the grass today ❤
Never go too long without feeling the ground under your feet
Without watching the sunset
Without gazing at the sparkly stars
Without watching the clouds pass by
Without dancing in the moonlight ✨

So grateful for our earth! Let’s eat plant based and practice earth day everyday!!

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