Meatless Meathead Monday

To the man cave!!IMG_20130930_094014MEATLESS MONDAY. Get it done! Get to the man cave, squats and pullups, do (8-12 reps if your working on muscle build and 10-15 reps or more with lighter weight if you’re working more on endurance) front squats, and same thing for reps back squats and try pullups, then do flexed arm hang for 30 seconds (if your still working towards a solid pullup, like me πŸ˜‰ That’s one set, do 3!

Refreshing Post Workout Fuel

IMG_20130930_095214The ultimate postworkout. Why?! Carbs: there’s at least 4 sugary sweet bananas in here protein: sprouted quinoa is a complete protein, I put 2tsp, not to mention the mint, collard, and spinach that are 50% protein (at least I know spinach is 50% protein! Greens have LOTS!!) Iron: quinoa and spinach are super high in iron!! And my body is absorbing it so well since it is coupled with the vitamin C from the orange! Calcium: collards are an amazing source of easily absorbable calcium! Unlike cow tit liquid that gives humans too many issuess eww!!

Next Demo: Raw Vegan Mexican Burrito Bar and Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes!!


Purdue Cordova Recreational Center Demonstration Kitchen! Wednesday, October 16, 2013 7-8pm! To register call 765-494-0109 or email ! Space is limited and registration deadline is October 11th!
Have a great week after this magnificent motivational MEATLESS MONDAY!!!


2 thoughts on “Meatless Meathead Monday

  1. Cow tit liquid? That’s premo calf food you’re talking about! Everything that a baby cow needs to grow into a healthy young calf until it can add pasture grass as it gets older. It’s actually kind of miraculous stuff! Granted, it’s pretty much totally unsuitable for human consumption for a myriad of reasons – but if you’re a baby cow? It rocks!! Rawks even πŸ™‚

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