My Services


Ready for an all around healthy life? It’s time to break free from bad habits and health issues.  Schedule a free initial consultation with me to develop an individualized plan.

Counseling includes:

  • Specific Goal Setting – as a holistic health and nutritional counselor, I don’t just help with nutritional goals, but relationships, thought patterns, and what conversations do you need to have? How much sleep are you getting? There are a lot of aspects to health that we will work on.
  • Breaking Down Barriers – what is holding you back?
  • Habit Reformation – I am here for support, accountibility, and motivation. We will come up with a specific and individualized plan to see current ways of being, and how you would like to change. I meet you where you are in assigning weekly homeworks that enable you to get closer to your goals.
  • Stocking the Kitchen – Take me through your kitchen, we decide together what stays, what goes, and what needs to be added to best reach your goals.
  • Mean Planning – Quick, simple, and easy ways to plan that work for you.
  • Self Love Practices – Individualized to what stressors you may be dealing with and what your relationship with yourself is like. We make work on daily affirmations, breath-work and meditation, reforming negative thought patterns, and more
  • Holding Space – I am here to listen. No judgement, no fixing something broken.  I hold space for my clients to open up and discover what it is they truly want out of life and the steps they want to take to get there. People have opened up to me about things they never could share with anyone else. I offer a sacred, safe space of professionalism and confidentiality.
  • Checking In – I am here for you! In our time working together I will check in however often is necessary. Also, I am the dietitian in your pocket. Feel free to text me questions and check in with me about your situations and what quick questions you need answered.
  • Insane Transformational Breakthroughs!

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Are you hosting an event that could use some vibrant sustenance? Only sustainability and radiance in my cuisine 🙂  I aim to heal people from the inside out in the most delicious way. Contact me at subject, “CATERING INQUIRY”


Let me come to your workplace and provide easy ways for your employees to improve their health with a plant based diet and mindfulness practices.  My programs include:

  • Wellness Talks: lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure, decreasing stress, increasing physical activity, meal planning
  • Food Demonstrations: easy meals on-the-go, how to prep for the week, hands on food demonstration and tasting delicious food
  • Yoga: strengthen, stretch, and balance with a private yoga class
  • Guided Meditation: breath work, visualization, and mindset practices for productivity and excellence in and out of the workplace

Email me at, subject “CORPORATE WELLNESS” to set up a program for your workplace.