College Kid Banana Orange Coconut Cream Cobbler

Inspired by Fully Raw Kristina’s Cherry Cobbler, I tried my own treat with bananas, oranges, dates, LITTLE sprouted almonds, and a coconut wawa wit LITTLE coconut meat 😉  And no I did not have a cleaver!  Watch how to open a coconut the easy way click here!

  • almond date crumble
  • banana, coconut meat, date cream
  • chopped and sliced bananas and oranges layered to perfection ❤

collegekidcob1 easyopencoconut collegekidcob2


DAY 22?!

Ok so really really busy week, we canceled our blood drawings to be moved to a later date on account of:

1. I have so much to do I don’t even have time to blog!




The Big 1-8

-3 apple 1 orange smoothie with spinach, spirulina, and sprouted quinoa (out of nanners)

-dates and dried apricots

First day on the job 🙂


(well, job training) :).. Here, I made virgin Sangria 🙂 We got to practice a bunch of the recipes that they have set up for us to make in the various classes.  I will be the first food demo instructor ever at Purdue!  February 12, 2013 at 7:00pm! BE THEERREE!!  In the brand new demo kitchen in the corec! The class is called “Decadent Desserts”.. so I will be making desserts!  …with animal products, and sweeteners and refined flowers and sugars 😥 .  I hope I can still be an enthusiastic demo-girl making these things.. my passion and expertise lies in incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in the most delicious and healthy and easy ways possible.. I don’t know how to …properly scald milk!  Haha, wish me luck :-/ !  The menu selection is banana chocolate chip bites and oatmeal flax cookies…hmm when I hear the word “decadent” I think of something rich and chocolatey!!!  If I’m lucky they’ll let me demo Alissa Cohen’s Chocolate Mousse.  Cross your fingers for me!!! ❤

– ate lots of bananas at the demo kitchen, and blueberries and strawberries 🙂

and this w. nutritional yeast


Sweet 16!!

3 nanners, 2 handfulls of spring mix, 1 tsp spirulina, ice and chilled water!! ❤ ❤
16-2 apples

-a banana


nevver been so full in my liffeee

-more apple-orange-grapefruit juice and watermelon-mint juice 😀

-a grapefruit

-a banana

Jimmy John’s veggie un-which no mayo no cheese: lettuce, tomato, sprouts, avocado:

jimmyj-a pickle.. raw?? oops..

-like 4 dates, 3 bananas, an apple, and 2 oranges i think throughout the night 🙂


Day 15…I’m in a dream…!!!

Notice how she’s grabbin the kale!  Haaiil to the kale!! baha salad bar equipt with mung and alfalfa sprouts, we always have whole grain and bean options as well!!notice

Everyone looooveees these!!!!!! :

The Salad: Kale, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, craisins, sunflower seeds, lil salt, peppah, thyme, oregano!  girls texting me all day “WHAT WAS IN THAT SALAD” lolzsssalad

mah faveee Essjay wraps, inspired from Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA: Vegan Madness! Hummus, greens, apples, and craisinsessjay

And I made myself a sexy lil number by blending 3 oranges with some ground golden flax:


Dinner I’M DREAMING!! >> whole grain quinoa couscous mix, superhero spaghetti squash 😉 with kale and I’ll have to talk to Allison!  also edamame and seed bread!


“Reines, this banana bread is BOMB” ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ SPOILED VEGANS!! It’s mah mama’s whole wheat banana bread recipe!  Who knows what magic Allison did though 😉

My rawesomeness: spinach, mung, alfalfa, mushroom, carrot, jalapeno melded in an orange, basil, golden flax with a squeeze of lime creaminess of a “can I have some” alivenesss!!day14din

BananaDreamCloud: 3 bananas, cinnamon, ice, chilled water<3 so thick, so foamy, so perfect. don’t wake me up, up up up, up up.


We’re Gonna Party Like, Like It’s Day 12!

First of all, check out how rawesome this menu is!!! Asparagus, the Garlic Buttered Pasta is even vegan! Soy based butter! hummus, lentil salad, whole wheat penne w. butternut squash and sage,sexy citrus salad!!!,Essjay wraps, superhero spaghetti squash!!! balsamic mushrooms over couscous!!! that banana bread is vegan too! extended salad bar and veggie burgers!! VEGAN PARADISE!!

bombmenuHUGEEE Shout out to the chef Allison.  Will do separate Superhero post on a later date for sure, but this lady goes far beyond her job description to please all of us and she is really brilliant.  She doesn’t follow recipes and gets the idea of dishes when I describe them to her and makes them delish her way!  SHES THE SHIIZZZ!! Thank you Allison!  It’s so fun working with youu!!

I made lefty’s for lunch, looks gross I know but SOO GOOOOODD!!

sweetleftysFormal dinner… little awk.. haha 6 oranges and a bowl full of kale and basil with nutritional yeast.. when people ask me if being raw is hard.. it’s only hard cause it’s kind of uhm.. ya know.. not “normal”