OG Internship!

This week I was an intern at the cafe I work at, “Rawbert’s Organic Garden” where the chef, Tina, and another intern and talented chef and cooking educator, Shaun (sp?) (last name!? 😦 ) from Toronto, Canada, worked in the kitchen of the OG (Organic Garden) and learned all the ins and outs of the recipes and raw vegan cuisine, in the end becoming Raw Foods Certified Chefs!  Shaun and Tina taught me so much!!!

Shaun recommended I watch “Food Matters” and read a book by “David Wolfe”, it just so happens that in this little 3-minute trailer, I got a earful of what they are both all about!  WATCH IT!

Tina is a brilliant and vibrant woman who really runs the show in the kitchen.  She taught me so much about dehydrating and the benefits of different ingredients, as well as the uses for the different ingredients in different recipes.  Not to mention keeping up with all of the stock in the restaurant and making sure everything is fresh, organized, and ready to go!  You go Tina!

Shaun is also incredibly vibrant!  What a breath of fresh air!  All the way from Toronto, Canada, Shaun camped out at a Salem campsite and rode his bike to come work with us!  He is CLEARLY highly educated!  Not only a swift, talented chef, but a bright and optimistic high school cooking teacher.  He sure taught me a thing or two!!!  From how to hold a knife, to how to follow my dreams.  So inspiring, thanks so much Shaun!

I’m so honored I got the chance to work with these two!



Make a Donation!


I hope you will consider supporting my participation in Purdue University Dance Marathon. All contributions will benefit Riley Hospital for
Children. Any contribution will help!

Every year thousands of children are treated and many lives are saved at Riley Hospital for Children, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Riley Hospital for Children is the only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in the state and was ranked among the top 16 children’s hospitals in the country. Riley Hospital for Children houses Indiana’s only pediatric burn center, the states most comprehensive neonatal unit, and one of the nation’s largest autism treatment centers. While facts like these are astounding, the reason why Riley Hospital holds a special place in thousands of Hoosier’s hearts is because of the many Miracle Stories that take place there.

As a participant in Purdue University Dance Marathon, I will be on my feet for 18 hours standing for those who can’t to show our Riley families and children how special and heroic they really are.  I hope that you will consider donating to this amazing cause.

Donating online is safe and easy! To make an online donation please go to:

  1. www.purdue.edu/pudm
  2. On the top left corner, click “DONATE”
  3. Type my name, “Katie Reines” , into the search bar, and click “Search”
  4. Click “Donate Now” to the right of my name in the search results! 😀

If you prefer to send a donation via mail, they can be mailed to:

Purdue University Dance Marathon

Stewart Center Box 719

128 Memorial Mall

West Lafayette, IN


Checks can be made out to Purdue University Dance Marathon or PUDM, and on the check’s memo line, please indicate that you are supporting me, Katie Reines  🙂

Thanks so much! Every penny is appreciated!

FTK! (For The Kids)

❤ Feel free to contact me with any questions/comments!



The 4th Blueberry Cheezcake!

“Brian’s Famous Blueberry Cheesecake” >> pg. 97 “Raw Food” by Kendell Reichhart and Brian Hetrich


  • 1/2 lb raw walnuts (soaked overnight)
  • 1 cup medjool dates (soaked 20 minutes) I used coconut date rolls not soaked
  • 2 T shredded coconut (optional) since I used coconut date rolls I didn’t add this coconut
  • Mix in food processor and then form into pie pan next, I put this in the freezer to really set until filling was done


  • 1 lb raw cashews (soaked 2 hours)
  • 1/2 cup raw agave  I used 1/2 cup soaked dates (they were soaked for a few hours at least)
  • 3/4 cup coconut oil I used 1/2 cup
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 t himalayan salt I used sea salt
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • Blend in high speed blender and pour into pie crust then cover and put in refrigerator
  • Garnish with fresh strawberries and blueberries!

<3 Natalie Coughlin <3

Eat to Excel Lasting success starts and ends in the kitchen. pg. 120 Women’s Health Magazine July/August

“The average college student is happy (enough) with dining hall fare, but swimming powerhouse, Natalie Coughlin was clearly not average– she grew her own herbs, veggies, and citrus trees in wine barrel planters on the balcony of her apartment at the University of California at Berkeley.  When she bought her Bay Area home in 2007, she immediately built seven large vegetable beds in her backyard, filling them with herbs, salad greens, lots of kale, seasonal foods, and, her fave, strawberries.

Her flourishing garden is a testament to te high value Coughlin puts on her nutrition.  While even greasy bar food can give you energy during a workout, a veggie-packed chicken salad will fuel you far better.  Her test: “For everything you eat, ask yourself why.  It will help you make better choices.”  That’s not to say splurges are off-limits.  If you’re going to have piled-high nachos, just know why- it’s an indulgence to enjoy, in moderation.

While Coughlin is picky about exactly where her food comes from- eggs laid by her five chickens and produce from farmers’ markets- there’s one part of her diet she doesn’t fuss over.  “I don’t obsess over calorie counts anymore.  When you do, I’ve noticed you can get pretty OCD about it.  Instead, I pay attention to how I feel.  I eat a variety of foods, savor every bite, and I don’t obsess about every last micronutrient.”

pg 122: “She has won a medal in every Olympic race she’s entered (thats 11- and counting)”

!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS

Meredith’s Muscle Conditioning!

“Meredith Doherty (front third from left in dark blue top) began teaching group exercise classes in 2006, while attending Endicott College for Nursing. After graduating she pursued her career in Emergency Nursing and continued teaching fitness classes as well. While working in the E.R she became even more aware of the benefits of educating and motivating others to be healthy. She became extremely interested new styles of training such as TRX and other functional training methods, and wellness as a whole. Meredith is a NETA Group Exercise Instructor, and a Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also Mad Dogg spin certified, and has taken group instructor courses in both TRX and RIP Training. She taught and trained at DiHard Fitness in Salem, and the YMCA of the North Shore.”

Meredith teaches the best muscle conditioning class!  As a groupx instructor myself, she gets 10 for 10, A++ in cues, counting, vocabulary, muscle group order, options, and FUN!  She modifies and challenges amazingly.  never boring, and always feeling the burn.  This woman is extremely knowledgeable, and it shows.  An amazing instructor, too bad last Monday was her last class 😥 She’s movin’ on to bigger and better things.. WE MISS YOU MEREDITH! ❤

Her typical class might look something like this:

  • start w/ legs (largest muscle group) >> some type of squat
  • stationary split squat hold weights w/ light weight shoulder flip press for variation
  • scare crow >> arms up, flip with split lunges >> 64
  • Inner thigh ball squeeze >>NOT ON KNEES>> pulses, with biceps
  • reverse grip row> elbows together > shoulders back away from ears
  • pushups (4 options!: wall, knees, feet, one foot)>> tricep kick backs > dips
  • triceps with ball> or small band
  • hip abduction (stunning vocab 😉 > w/ mini band or body bar > tap foot forward and back and circles>> bent knee open and close
  • posterior and glute work> hip extensions with ham curls back, knee in and out with mini band on thighs
  • planks with variation ❤ 😀