Plant Protein vs Animal Protein : The Science

ALL CAUSES OF DEATH are significantly reduced by switching from animal protein to plant protein???


Recent research published August 26, 2019 of 70,696 Japanese adults followed up for an average of 18 years concluded that,

“substitution of plant protein for animal protein, mainly for red or processed meat protein, was associated with lower risk of total, cancer-related, and cardiovascular disease related mortality.”

ALSO! According to this huge meta analysis ,

For total cancer the lowest risk was observed at an intake of 600 g/day (7.5 servings/day) of fruits and vegetables, whereas for coronary heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality the lowest risk was observed at 800 g/day (10 servings/day) of fruits and vegetables. !!!

If you’re not ridiculously convinced by now that plant foods are healthy, do you know the real reason why the Amazon rainforest is burning!?

Brazil just so happens to be the world’s largest exporter of beef

Scientists think that the fires burning across Brazil right now are primarily caused when people set fire to trees they cut down earlier in the year in order to clear space for agriculture”

Ooops, that fire got a little out of control, didn’t it.

The fires have spread to Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, many countries in South America, and the fires can actually be seen FROM SPACE!

If the animal protein isn’t death by heart attack, it may actually be death by, well, apocalypse. No joke.

There has NEVER been a more important time than right NOW to get our acts together, take responsibility for our health, for the planet, and learn how to be strong, badass, plant based role models.

Are you with me?! Are you 100% confident in your health and fitness as a (mostly) vegan???

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Sending love! Let’s have a beautiful September!
Katie 🙂

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