Let go and VEG FLOW! Letting go of habits, thoughts, feelings, tasks, anything that doesn’t serve us. Allowing us to clear away the clutter so we can grow and VEG FLOW!

Be a part of a healthy community with LET GO VEG FLOW featuring a donation based vinyasa yoga flow class, sound healing, and an unprocessed vegan Monk’s Bowl meal under the full moon ^o^ All you need is love and a yoga mat.


Please try to arrive early as the yoga class will begin at 6pm Thursday, October 6, 2017. Dinner will follow shortly after yoga.


653 San Juan, Venice, CA, 90291. Street Parking available.

What is a Sound Healing?

The sound healing will take place at the end of the yoga class. Basically, it is a beautiful combination of tones and instruments to create heart opening vibrations and a deep meditation.

What is a Monk’s Bowl?

A “Monk’s Bowl” is a bowl of delicious, simple, nourishment. With a base of leafy green vegetables such as chopped kale or baby spinach, about a cup of whole grains like quinoa, about a cup of nourshing soup like vegetable bean soup, chili, bisque, corn chowder, or cooked beans, and topped with choice of vegan favorites such as baked falafel, homemade bean burger, avocado, tempeh, guac, hummus, nuts, seeds, diced veggies, herbs, scallion, and sprouts.

The night includes palo santo, light massages, proper alignment adjustments, meditation, letting go, a yoga flow, and mindful eating practice.

xoxo hope to see you there!