Raw Foods Sighted For Peak Performance and Fitness

Raw veganism is a growing lifestyle for optimal health and performance. Think eating a vast array of fruits, vegetables, bean sprouts, little nuts and seeds sounds like torture? Before you run screaming, check out a few benefits.

1. Feed your body fuel, not waste. No wasted space on the ingredients list, no wasted space in your cells, stomach, arteries, or ass. Cooking food denatures proteins and destroys cells. Besides processed and packaged foods, which are obviously the devil, cooked foods also create waste. Raw foods give your body nutrients it can work and thrive with.

2. Results- It doesn’t take a PhD to understand that all the waste (excess fat) gets excreted and the new muscles and cells will be made, strong, lean, and tight when transitioning to raw foods. No more thick bulky bulgy. New cells are able to give you clear skin, strong nails, shiny thick hair (protein!) and clean clear pipework (colon!).

3. Performance- Bring it on, baby. With a diet high in carbohydrate and alive amino acids, peak performance is your middle name. Easy energy jet pack and abundant amino acids to spare- ample iron and easily absorbed calcium. Can you taste the endurance yet? The chlorophyll in dark leafy greens looks almost identical to hemoglobin in blood, and works wonders oxygenating it. Letting you breathe deeply and calmly in a long sprint rather than huffing and puffing.

4. Recovery- Is it even possible to get sore on a raw vegan diet? Since it’s high in carbohydrate, glycogen stores get replenished immediately. Fruits and vegetables are abundant in potassium and natural electrolytes as well. Not to mention are high water content foods that naturally hydrate the body. Train hard today, and harder tomorrow. No sweat! 😉

5. Energy- Feel like you need to sit an hour and digest before you can work out? Raw plant food is easily digested and assimilated. Go ahead, have a huge bowl of ice cream, and your metabolic conditioning class too! For raw ice cream recipes (and more!), check out our Performance Marketing Intern Katie Reines’s blog at http://www.vitaminkatie.wordpress.com.


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