5 Tips: REST or WORKOUT?!

Should you let yourself rest or should you push it and workout ??

1. If weight didn’t change, would you still do it?
This is for self care, not for self induced torture. Is it stress relieving or stress inducing to do this workout?

2. Magic Minute
Take a minute to close your eyes and check in with yourself

3. Honor what you’re going through
There might be a lot going on in your life. Are you getting enough sleep or exerting yourself too much physically doing other things? Honor if self care means resting or pushing yourself based on a reflection around how you are doing holistically.

4. Try the workout
Go for it! Always an option to go lighter or do a less strenuous exercise. If you try and you’re still really not feeling it: definitely a red flag you should rest.

5. Embrace Discomfort with Compassion
It is ok and AWESOME to get uncomfortable at the gym and in life.  However: are you doing it because you’re excited about it or because you’re forcing yourself to do it with negative self talk?

Hope these tips help you! 🙂

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