As a plant based dietitian and fitness instructor, people often come to me with weight loss goals. Not realizing that what they actually want is confidence, acceptance, worth, love, freedom, and comfortability in their body.
Don’t be fooled thinking that weight loss = confidence or health.
I invite you to truly empower yourself with your health goals in a more loving and sustainable way. 

1. Focusing on WEIGHT

👉Instead of obsessing about a number on the scale, clothing size, or appearance goal,
focus on loving yourself like you love a best friend or a child,
and doing health promoting behaviors that allow you to feel energized,
vibrant, focused, and holistically healthy!
When we focus too much on weight, the results are short lasting and not always health promoting.

2. Restrict, Binge, Shame Cycle

👉Instead of excessively restricting specific foods, food groups, or calories,
let all foods be included in a holistically healthy lifestyle.
Treats and desserts may not necessarily be considered the healthiest option from a nutrition standpoint, but mental health, sensory pleasure, human connection, and celebration are all a part of holistic health.
Start to slow down, take the stress out of eating, and trust and listen to your hunger and fullness cues.

3. Objectifying Yourself

👉Instead of your appearance and your weight being the most important thing about you,
make sure to value other incredible aspects of yourself. Your passion, empathy, talents, creativity, gentleness.. let the list go on and on.
You are SO MUCH MORE than weight and appearance.
It’s about time we started embracing ourselves for all that we are instead of being fixated on things we wish were different.  How liberating would it feel to see someone you love finally fully love themselves.  Let’s set the example!

Are you or someone you know looking to get fit and healthy with a plant based approach?

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Sending love!

Be sure to send this to a friend who could use some help!
If you’re reading on your phone, screenshot and tag me on instagram in your stories @vitamin.katie and let me know how this was helpful. I would love to connect 💙



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