Want to stay safe at home
and join a group fitness class?

Click here to join facebook group

I am here to hold you accountable to get an awesome workout in while you’re stuck at home!
Do not miss out on this free live 7-day challenge!

Also, of course, continue to up the water intake, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, berries, greens, and all your favorite immune boosting herbs, and teas!

You can get 20% off using code VITAMINKATIE on all products from these distributors:
My FAVE Redd Vegan Adaptogenic Protein Bars
Your Super Superfood Blends, Teas,  and Organic Plant Protein
Lyfe Fuel Fortified Protein, Super Algae Omegas, and Probiotics

Can’t wait to workout together!

Be sure to send this email to a friend who could use some help staying active!

If you’re reading on your phone, screenshot and tag me on instagram in your stories @vitamin.katie and let me know how this was helpful. I would love to connect 💙
If you’d like help staying on track, click here to apply to work with me.

Sending love!


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