Don’t Be Fooled By “Whole Grain” | Quick Quinoa Medley Recipe

Reines & SHINE

I had so much fun demoing my favorite quinoa dish (inspired by Chef AJ) for the food service managers of the Portland, TX Independent School District where I have been interning for the past few weeks of my dietetic internship.


It was wonderful explaining how the gold standard to whole grain products at the grocery store are composed of one ingredient- the whole grain itself!  It is sad how people are fooled by whole grain gold fish and whole grain lucky charms.  Yes, the government may consider those better choices now that they are made with whole grain flour, but to the snob from north Boston, tisk tisk, we can do better than that!

Don’t Be Fooled

Whole grains can be stamped 100% whole grain product if they are 51% whole grain flour. (So the first ingredient on the ingredients list is whole grain.)  This leaves 49% of the…

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