How To Connect With People

I was beyond inspired by my Medical Nutrition Therapy class today!  We started getting into Nutritional Counseling.  The number one skill that is VERY important?! LISTENING.


I have worked for Holistic Health and Nutritional Counselor, Christine Lucas, who has already taught me a lot about this, how to listen and importance of relating to a client.  I also thought of team meetings at the Organic Garden Cafe where we go through a “clearing” where you say what you are present to and fully listen to, and repeat back, what the person says to you.  So I thought I had ample practice in this topic…until…


We learned about the importance of empathy.  Going into this lecture thinking I wouldn’t learn anything, and leaveing surprised and excited.  This video hit it home for me.  I realized that I am not at all empathetic.  Before this lecture, I thought that looking on the bright side and staying positive was helpful, but I was very wrong!


Staying positive is obviously a good thing, but connecting with others and making a connection is even better.  Having the ability to listen and understand, relate, and connect, is very important for the nutritional counselor.


I am the kind of person who will listen to someone’s sob story, and say, “Well, at least you made your bed this morning” and call it a day!  I am terrible!  Just like the animal eating a sandwich in that video (which you must watch in order to understand what empathy really is)!  After watching that video in class and being excited about being an empathetic person, about 2 hours later my friend Grace sitting next to me says, “Urgh, I am so tired and hungry.” I literally replied instantly. “Well, at least you look good.” and then I was like DAMNIT!



I can’t believe it!  I am so relieved that at least I am aware of my terrible tendencies.  It is annoying to me, having a great day and then having to be brought down by other peoples problems.  But it is a skill that I am ready and willing to practice!  From this day forth, I will reply to Gracie with a, “I know how you feel.” In fact, I was definately there yesterday.  I patted her on the back and apologized.  I am so thankful for my education today!  I have grown so much, and am still growing 🙂 Much love superheroes!


8 thoughts on “How To Connect With People

  1. Good post; I’m the same way and I have to be intentional about empathizing with the other person instead of making a ‘positive’ remark – Really takes practice

  2. I really liked that lecture too! It was convicting and proves to be true in all aspects of life, not just nutrition counseling. I have declared MNT my favorite class of the semester and I can’t wait to learn more like the empathy lecture! Great post!

    1. Right! I feel this skill will help maintain relationships with friends and relatives as well as with clients! Love Rachel Clark, she’s a great presenter.

  3. I love that video! I want to have a tshirt that plays that video so that everyone I encounter in a day can see it. I feel like this kind of education is really hard to find, and most people don’t understand at all how to listen, and empathize. How do they learn it? It isn’t taught at home, or at school, or in the workplace. Feelings are viewed as generally icky, right?

    1. You are so right! We are so lucky to have been exposed to this! Keep spreading the love 🙂 Thanks for commenting

  4. Crikey! I didn’t realise the potential damage I was doing by trying to, in a way, ‘deflect’ their negativity, and ‘inject’ some positivity? More training required methinks… 🙂

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