Find Your Strength, and Don’t Lose It

Tomorrow is the first day of classes.  Another battle between confidence and conforming.  Do you have the confidence to stay true to your values?  This is my prayer; this is how I stay true to mine.


To my healthy parents

To preventing and reversing disease

To vegetarian cultures around the world

To the Organic Garden

To FullyRaw Kristina

To Christine Lucas and Holistic Health Counselors

To Good Karma Café

To Revitalive Cafe

To my energy and health

To the planet

To the animals

To people healing themselves

To natural beauty

To thriving not surviving

To natural health

To being free of medication

To my father’s patients who could have prevented their diseases

To self sufficiency

To being spiritually healthy

To natural confidence and self-assurance

To focus and drive

To “you are what you eat”

To staying true to yourself

To the Raw Vegan hype in California

To Pure Food and Wine

To natural nutrients

To our future

To the fact that I feel amazing – I know I am healthy!

Dumbing down the population is not against the law.  I study adequate intakes and recommended daily allowances and I do not follow them, yet I feel healthy and happy.  I choose to take the potential risk of suboptimal nutrition to stay true to my values as an individual.

I feel organized and productive. I eliminate negative beliefs and attitudes from my consciousness.  I clear out all junk foods from my cupboard and I eat only items that come from nature.  I love my body and take excellent care of it.  I am healthy, beautiful, and filled with energy.


3 thoughts on “Find Your Strength, and Don’t Lose It

  1. Sounds like a fabulous way to live. How do I sign up for your italian cooking class? Is this done online? Will I get a grocery list before the class to cook along with you? You know how much I love my Pasta , It’s going to be tough but my spirit is willing. 🙂

    1. I wish you could come!!! I would love to make it for you next time I’m home! I bet you guys would love this! All the best! ❤

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