Shine Like The SUN

Training with the elite staff of the Cordova Recreational Center today has got me beyond inspired!  Now it’s your turn:SHINElikesunCharacter

  1. Vince Lombardi – Character is formed by a series of decisions / choices made – seeking truth, finding and keeping faith, practicing humility, and showing respect for others are all important.
  2. John Wooden – Character – doing the right thing. The habits of our daily behavior that reveal who and what we are. We are what we repeatedly do.


  1. John Wooden – You must earn the right to be confident, the kind of confidence that comes from proper preparation. It is earned not given – self-belief is the knowledge that your preparation is complete, that you have done all things possible to ready yourself and your organization for the competition or whatever form it arrives.
  2. Bill Walsh – Leadership is expertise. People will follow a person who organizes and manages others, because he or she has credibility and expertise – a knowledge of the profession – and demonstrates an understanding of human nature.


  1. Vince Lombardi – Be completely committed – commitment is one of the most important characteristics of your character. Give 100% effort, 100% of the time. When leaders go the extra mile, their troops will follow.
  2. John Wooden – A leader must be very astute in using time productively and teaching those in the organization to do the same. You will notice that successful leaders do not disrespect time. “Be on time.” Being late shows disrespect (for time). Don’t think you can make up for it by working twice as hard tomorrow. If you have it within your power to work twice as hard, I want you to do it right now.


  1. Walt Disney – There are two words that make operations work around here… quality and pride. If you design, build, operate, and maintain quality, people will take pride in what they do – great deal of importance is seeing the “big picture” or coming up with the grand idea; seldom understood is the fact that details give the big picture depth.
  2. John Wooden – Competitive greatness exists in the journey and culminates in the tough competitive fight in which you and your organization are at your best because you’ve prepared to the full extent of your abilities. Success is peace of mind that a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best you are capable of becoming.


  1. Colin Powell – A good leader demonstrates a gung-ho attitude that says “we change things here, we can achieve awesome results, we can be the best!”
  2. John Wooden – There are no small opportunities. Every opportunity is big. Each member of your team has the potential for personal greatness; the leader’s job is to help them achieve it – personal greatness is measured against one’s own potential, not that of someone else; likewise, a team’s greatness is measured against itself and no other – “ give me the best you’ve got, that’s all I ask for.


  1. Bill Walsh – You must be able to inspire and motivate through teaching people how to execute their jobs at the highest level. You must care about people and help those people care about one another and the team’s goals. And you must never second-guess yourself on decisions you make with integrity, intelligence, and a team-first attitude.
  2. Vince Lombardi – Chase perfection – a good leader encourages his team to reach beyond what they believe is possible. Leaders must choose how their organization will pursue excellence. Excellence is a byproduct of striving for perfection.


  1. Colin Powell – Trust comes from exhibiting many key traits, including competence, character, courage, loyalty, confidence, selflessness, sacrifice, and empathy.
  2. Walt Disney – To be persuasive, we must be believable; to be believable, we must be credible; and to be credible, we must be truthful.


  1. John Wooden – You must have the courage to be loyal to those you lead – loyalty to yourself – your standards, your system, your values – give loyalty and loyalty will be returned in abundance.
  2. Vince Lombardi – Teams depend on an extraordinary cohesiveness. Encouraging all members of an organization to support and aid other members in the pursuit of shared goals will strengthen this bond.

Detail-Oriented and Organized

  1. Bill Walsh – Be detail-oriented – organizational excellence evolves from the perfection of details relevant to performance and production. Address all aspects of your teams efforts to prepare mentally, physically, fundamentally, and strategically as thorough a manner as humanly possible.
  2. John Wooden – Little things make big things happen. Big things are accomplished only through the perfection of minor details. High performance is achieved only through the identification and perfection of small but relevant details.

Problem Solver

  1. Colin Powell – Take care to tell people that sharing a problem won’t be seen as a weakness or failure, but as a sign of mutual confidence.
  2. Colin Powell – Problem-solving is the core of leadership – practice, action-oriented, problem-solving rely on other people’s brains and initiatives, as well as their own, they understand that part of good leadership is the ability to employ the most effective tool for the situation at hand.


2 thoughts on “Shine Like The SUN

    1. Thanks! Ya I love inspirational quotes! All the best to you! Thanks for checking out my blog! Excited to stay up to date on yours!
      Yours in sustainability and vibrancy~
      Katie 🙂

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