Elevated Lunge Press

What works your glutes, core, shoulders.. all your muscles from your toes to your finger tips?elevatedlungepressOne of my favorites^ The elevated lunge press.

Try 2 sets of 30 each leg, or until failure on each leg to really build muscle. Then try to do more next time 🙂

Safety Tip:  Be sure to really engage your core for balance and lower straight down from your hips, not foreword over your toes.  Try not to let your knee go past your toe.  Get low enough to really feel your booty though 🙂

Options: On the lower lunge, try twisting to really work your core!  This exercise can be done using your bed, the stairs, a bench, a curb, you name it!  This is actually the first time I did it in a gym setting 😉 !


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