The PUMA in its Natural Habitat


Always on the move

PUMAs flow through the obstacles of the city with ease.  Smell that confidence?  Yup.  It’s the PUMA.

With legs made for performance, who are they not to use them?  Sure, try throwing an elevator at a PUMA.  They will quickly turn their nose up, and head for the fire exit.  They are the stair masters- the only escalator they will go up is the one that goes down.

That sleek cutie lunging on the sidewalk? Oh ya, look at that form.  Quads to ogle and delts to gape.  Must be a PUMA.  They don’t necessarily want the attention- they just can’t help it.  Just are that magnificent.

They certainly can camouflage well if they so please.  The less evident stair climber, and the: lets-park-far-so-we-can-walk-er.  Casual.  Collected.  Closet body trainers of the city.

The PUMA’s life is sport-its sport is life.

While other animals are sedentary, the pouncing PUMA is at play.  Take a simple bench for example, or a construction site.  The PUMA’s playground.  Care to join the fun?

Bench Action:


1. Core Creator:

  • 20 power steps (step onto the bench and continue to a hop, step down), switch legs
  • 10 same knee raises (with one foot on the bench, raise the other knee up to your chest and tap it down to the ground, and back up), back to power steps, and switch legs
  • Once you’ve done both legs, it a mountain climber with hands on the bench for 30 reps
  • Repeat

2. Toe Tap to Lean Legs:

  • 20 toe tap hops, (tapping one foot to the bench and hop to switch legs)
  • 10 lunges off the bench (lunge with back leg elevated, facing away from the bench)
  • Repeat 4-6 times.

3. Arms and Legs:

  • 20 hops with both feet together on and off bench
  • 10-15 decline pushups first round, tricep dips second round, and incline pushups third round
  • Repeat

4. The Stair Master~


See a lot of stairs? Jackpot.

5 minutes stairs- Run up, walk down: focus on speed

3 sets: 30 mountain climbers, 15 pushups

5 minutes stairs- Skip a stair in-between

3 sets: 30 leg raises, 15 V sits

5 minutes stairs: Skip 2 stairs in-between

4 sets: 30 peeing dog leg raises, 20 shoulder taps (switch legs)

Challenge: How many times can you run to the top in 5 minutes?

5. Buns and Thighs: Get hott curves with a curb


  • 30 calf raises on the curb, get off and hop on one leg 20 times.  Switch legs and repeat.


Now, truth be told.  I am not talking about a PUMA.  I am talking about a human.  But we can all be PUMAs.  Break through the social norms of the street corner.  The legs are the largest muscle group.  Let’s go- at least 100 squats a day.  Got to get them in somehow.  Go for it.  Get all the attention.  We both know you look good.

After all, what is life without sport?



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