What we put in our bodies is extremely important- yes.  Eat as if your life depends on it, because it in fact does!


We must not neglect, however, the way in which we eat.  This presentation by Dr. Lilian Cheung on her book, “Savor” was quite necessary and eye opening to the health professionals at the Massachusetts Medical Society Continuing Education Program this past weekend.


She began by addressing the obesity epidemic in the United States.  Showing us how it is estimated that obesity prevalence will increase by 33% and a 130% increase in severe obesity prevalence over the next 2 decades.


She then began to speak about the way in which we eat today.  As well as addressing studies proving that the more food that is in front of us, the more we eat.  Now is the time to take a deep breath, listen to your body, and savor the pleasure in not just your food, but in every aspect of life.savor2

There are infinite health benefits to mindfulness.  Not only when eating, but in all aspects of life.  Even cleaning, driving, or just listening mindfully can improve your quality of life.  I feel so blessed to have attended this lecture, for now I know how to experience life on a much more pleasurable level.  When eating mindfully, the food is truly appreciated and enjoyed.  When living mindfully, the life is truly appreciated and enjoyed as well :).

savor3 savor4 savor5 savor6 savor7

Trading peanuts for red meat reduces heart disease risk by 30%!savor8 savor9 savor10 savor.11 savor12 savor13 savor14 savor15


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