Banana Walnut Ice Cream

So thick and creamy. So light and fluffy. banawalicecrea

Ingredients: (addition of vanilla, cinnamon, carob or cacao powder, would be divine too!)

  • 2-4 bananas (frozen)
  • handful walnuts
  • throw em in the food processor and let the magic happen!

FREEZING BANANAS TIP: Peel banana and break into quarters (little chunks), throw in a bag or ziplock container, and stick in the freezer!  I freeze and eat my bananas day of, I prefer my frozen bananas to be the perfect in-between between solid enough to make a thick creamy ice cream (not runny and slimy) and chalky and rock solid (which would break my food processor) 6-10 hours of freezing should be ideal!



2 thoughts on “Banana Walnut Ice Cream

  1. I just read that overly-ripe bananas (the ones with brown spots on the skins) are good for combatting depression.

  2. Yes! True statement right there! How can you be depressed while eating a bananannananananaaaa!? Or any fruit for that matter?! Haha, but yes, scientifically as well, it is true! ❤ Hugs and smiles!

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