8 Ways To Beat The Stress During Finals Week



Finals make it impossible to stay sane, trust me I know.  But reading this list of advise posted at Kappa has done wonders for me, this coming week will be smooooth sailinggg!  Remember: take care of your primary food (your sleep, relationships, stress level, etc) before you partake your secondary food (the food you eat).  I happen to be a girl who overeats when stressed.  Everyone is different; what do you do when stressed? Chances are it is detrimental to the problem at hand.  Take care of your primary food. Follow these steps:

  1. Make a study schedule (and stick to it!) My friend Grace Bagshaw has helped me a lot by inspiring me to write down everything I need to do in the upcoming week as well as what needs to get accomplished on each day.  Setting deadlines holds me accountable, and it relieves a lot of stress! Having what needs to be done on paper as opposed to relying on my overstuffed brain to remember it all- phew!
  2. EXERCISE! Even a short walk can relieve some anxiety.  True story: was on the verge of crying/ severe stress induced anxiety, when thank the LORD I had to teach dance mania and all of the sudden it was the best day ever.  Exercise clears your head, keeps you motivated, and releases endorphins that make you happy.  Doing 30 jumping jacks! Do them with me?! Lets go! 3.. 2.. 1..!!!
  3. Find a friend (or sister) and talk it out! Studying difficult material can be overwhelming.  A study buddy who you can explain concepts with is such a lifesaver!  Be sure to tell them how much you appreciate them!
  4. Organize and declutter your study space so you can focus 100% Okay, I am probably the messiest person ever, NO WONDER I get so stressed!  Once I cleared off my desk, I felt REJUVINATED! EMPOWERED and even EXCITED to study! Wtf right?!  Happy cleaning!
  5. Get enough sleep. Pulling all nighters usually work against you!  Frying your brain makes it difficult to retain memories.  I know this one can hard to follow through with, (guilty!), just try to get as much sleep as you can, ok?
  6. Eat balanced meals throughout the week and drink water (not just coffee!) This is a big one.  Too often do we chow down all day long while studying.  (At least that’s what I’m guilty of doing).  Eating and studying should not be multi-tasked.  Let yourself study, and let yourself take a break, say a prayer, and enjoy a nice meal, and get back to studying.  Primary food before secondary food!
  7. Take study breaks (listen to music, take a nap, etc) and let your brain rest a bit! Red flag for time to take a break? : When you aren’t retaining anything, when you feel ridiculously overwhelmed and antsy, when you have been studying for a while and could just use a break! It’s ok! Give yourself credit for all that you do!
  8. Be confident! Take a deep breath and know you are trying your best! I know you want to be better than your best, so do I!  But like I said, give yourself a little credit!

We are so lucky to be blessed with this amazing education.  Embrace it!  You have the power to succeed!  Let that feeling drive you!  It should feel really good :-)! Best of luck!


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