Raw Foods Demo

Dancing with Mangos

Nutrition Society here at Purdue  invited a raw foods vegan chef to make a few dishes for us to try and to talk about his vegan raw foods diet. It was very interesting to learn about the benefits of eating a raw diet and how the chef eats in a typical day. I’m still skeptical of how he has a balanced diet though since he told us for breakfast that morning he ate about ten oranges and for lunch he ate six or seven bananas-that’s it! Anyway, the foods he cooked for us made up a balance whole foods plant based meal that I wish I could eat everyday! I’m telling you, what we made was the BEST FOOD I have ever eaten in my life. No joke. Here’s what we made:

IMG_3806First, there were quesadillas. The tortillas were made from carrots, nuts, and other ingredients I cannot remember. They…

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