Your Body On: The Man Diet



Your Body On “The Man Diet”


The “Man Diet”? : 1. McDonalds, 2. Bacon On Everything 3. No Salad !  Kale YA! We all love the man diet; yolo!  Does it love us as much as we love it?  Let’s find out.


Meat Protein:  More protein the better?  Sure seems that way, but according to “The 80/10/10 Diet” by Dr. Douglas N Graham, the opposite is true: Most people suffer from an overdose of protein each day, and this accounts for a great deal of our ill health.  Too much protein in our diets is associated with all manner of health impairments, including such symptoms as constipation and other digestive disorders that often lead to toxemia (toxic blood and tissues) and, eventually, cancer.  Autoimmune dysfunction, arthritis, and all other autoimmune conditions, premature aging, impaired liver function, kidney failure, osteoporosis, and many other degenerative and pathogenic conditions result from eating more protein than we need.


Heaviness:  The obscene amount of fats and oils in “the man diet” add more than just pleasure to your palate.  Do you have any idea how hard it is for the body to digest these fats and oils?  Chemical engineers get paid big billz to invent brilliant emulsifiers as soaps to break them apart.  Trying to wash off a frying pan with grease is impossible without a good chemical soap.  Which brings us to why we feel the sluggish heaviness.  Now, the bile excreted from the liver into the small intestine is what emulsifies fats and aids in absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E, and K).  This is a really slow, burdening process.  Causing the body to feel tired and heavy.  If you want to try and tell me that you need that fat to get your fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K absorbed, just know that there is already adipose tissue and plenty of fatty acids in the human body already- this is just necessary.  And, when I say add more than just pleasure to your palate, I’m thinking inches on your waistline or the number on your scale.


Pain: Acid reflux, heart burn, gas, bloating, indigestion, you name it, you’ll get it.  An upset stomach is the bottom line.  People deal with this all the time and they think it is ok/ normal. Listen to your body.  Conditions like acid reflux aren’t normal and they don’t just run in the family.  It’s not something that you just “have”.  It is, like 99% of all health conditions, 100% a result from diet.


Constipation: Ya, best of luck going to the bathroom.  When was the last time you even went?  Can you remember?  Unfortunately, animal protein has 0 fiber.  You know what that means?  No “ruffage”.  Nothing to move that food through, it will all get gummed up, leaving you reading the potty talk or this article.  More fiber= fast  pleasant feces!


Defenseless Immune System:  You know by now where antioxidants come from!  The man diet has none.  Fruits and vegetables are what give you immune defense better than the Great Wall of China!

Dehydration:  Processed man-diet deliciousness got all of its water content cooked out of it and then had salt added to it. :-/ .  These salty cooked foods with lower water content will cause you to feel super thirsty and retain water from all that salt.  Leaving you with a little extra puffiness in your appearance- maybe a little double chin and puffy cheeks too.



I honestly hate to say it, but as consumption of junk foods, animal products, chemical additives, toxic pesticides, and genetically modified organisms have increased, our health has plummeted.  Next time you’re hungry, and you get that feeling that you could go for some man diet grub, think mmm… better not.. you only live once.


In general, protein based foods are highly acid forming in the human body.  This is because their predominant minerals are the acidic minerals- chlorine, phosphorus, and sulfur.  To maintain homeostasis, the body must counterbalance the acidity caused by excess protein consumption.  Unfortunately, it does so in part by taking a precious alkaline mineral- calcium- from our bloodstream, where calcium levels must remain relatively constant, by removing it  from our bones and teeth, setting the stage for osteoporosis an tooth decay.



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