Have Your Weekend, And Party Too



Have Your Weekend, And Party Too


So spring break is over.  Whew, now I don’t have to continue to be active and have conscious eating habits.  WOW. You are too beautiful to not take care of your body!  With that in mind, it is understandable to not want to go out and have fun with your friends in fear of negative effects on your health.  These tips will ensure an amazing weekend for you, and your waistline.


  1. Set your intention.  Going into the night with a, “I am going to get SO WASTED tonight” attitude is noooot the best way to start your night.  Try a mindset of, “I canNOT wait to go out tonight!!”  Or “Seeing ______ will be so much fun!!” With this mindset, you are more likely to enjoy your time with friends and catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while as opposed to spending the night with maybe one or two of your closest friends while you enjoy your time by yourself becoming mindless.  Your attitude. Your night. Your choice.
  2. If you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.  What more fun way to get up and get active than dancing?  Get your workout twerkout on on the dance floor!  The more you move and groove, the more you burn, and the better you feel!
  3. Chaser Danger.  Soda is the devil.  Invest in your own chaser that isn’t 100% empty calories and additives, colorings and tooth-decaying crap, please?  Great chasers that everyone can agree on: orange juice, cranberry juice, cranberry apple juice, any mango pineapple juice blend, and really any kind of delicious juice!  Guys- the ladies would seriously appreciate healthier, fresher, and naturally sweet n tasty chasers!
  4. Let Yourself Sleep.  Just staying up too late causes problems with your brain and overall health.  So, if you’re adding partying and late night activities into the mix, your body can really take a toll.  Got napping powers?  Use them.  Turn off your alarm clock.  Soak in the sleep, and try to go to bed a bit earlier the next few nights.
  5. Winner Winner, Eat Your Dinner!  With early pregames and a busy schedule, it can be easy to miss a meal without even noticing.  This is a seriously dangerous mistake to make.  On an empty stomach, you will not realize how much lower your tolerance is and will probably get really drunk a lot faster than you normally do.  Huge risk of alcohol poisoning.  On an empty stomach the alcohol goes right into the blood with nothing to slow it down and the body takes it on full force, seriously overworking all the organs, especially the liver, and damaging brain cells quickly and easily.  Do yourself a favor, and eat something.  Drunkorexia; skipping meals to drink more, is the most ridiculous idea ever.  You need food to function.  Good luck functioning without it!  Seriously!
  6. Baby Shawts.  You’re still takin a shot with him/her!  Doesn’t mean you have to down the whole thing!  Half the alcohol, half the calories, half the destruction, half the problem, twice the benefits!  Half your intake and enjoy away!!
  7. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. And did I mention you should hydrate?  Alcohol is a diuretic; ie. It increases the volume of urine excreted.  This means it dehydrates you.  Which is the main reason why drinking is so bad for the skin and blood and etc. etc.! Drink your water!  Measure out a cup of water and see how many gulps it takes to finish it.  This way, you will always be able to see if you are really drinking enough.  The recommendations for water consumption are 8 cups a day!  It takes me about 17 gulps to drink a cup.  Now I know when I grab my water bottle in the morning to take at least a good 17 gulps!
  8. Hi there, your goals here!!  Do. Not. Neglect. Your. Goals.  Continue making good decisions on the reg.  Ya dig?  It isn’t hard.  It’s a simple choice.  You get what you give.  So, give a &$*#!


Life is such a wonderful blessing.  Embrace and enjoy all of it!  Life can be experienced sans the destruction of our bodies.  Now, take a deep breath, and let the delight of this human experience take you away, the right way!


One thought on “Have Your Weekend, And Party Too

  1. “… bad for the skin…” Excellent point. I once asked an aesthetician advising me during a facial how she had the patience and self-disapline to do all this good diet, exercise, steam, etc. I’ll never forget. She said, “I’m not patient and self-disaplined. I want to look good! I’m just too damn VAIN not to do it!” That was the grain that tipped the balance for me. 😀 Thank you.

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