It’s Called Flirting



It’s Called Flirting.


We all have to start somewhere!  Changing your lifestyle habits like how you eat and exercise can seem pretty overwhelming.  Too often do I hear, “I could never do it”, or, “There’s no way I’ll be able to keep it up”.  This is not the case.  Give yourself credit for all that you are and all that you do, and see what little, simple decisions you can make everyday to improve.  You don’t have to bend over backwards to see results. When you make those little simple decisions to be kind to your body, your compassion will show ;-).  Flirt with more plant foods.  Instead of the steak, try the ravioli?  Instead of the elevator, use the stairs.  Maybe don’t try and get such a close parking spot, and try swapping that white bread with whole wheat.  There are lots of packaged snacks offered at fraternities and sororities, try grabbing a couple of pieces of fruit instead!


Help me eat healthier?


Your compassion is showing J.  Think about what you’ve eaten today.  Think about how you could make that more whole and fresh- less additives, refined grains, flours, or sugars.  Aim for unprocessed.  The foods that work best with your body are the foods that grew from nature. They are chock full of readily available nutrients that are easily assimilated by the body gently, the way they were meant to be.  These foods naturally make you feel full because 1. The nutrients are all right there so you’re not left craving more. 2. Whole foods make you feel satisfied a lot longer than refined foods because it takes more time for the digestive system to process.  3. There are no empty calories adding to your waistline; the body uses all naturally occurring calories beneficially.  So, let’s think about breakfast.  Maybe you had a bowl of Reese’s Puffs?  Although they might claim to be “whole grain”, there is clearly nothing “whole grain” about them!  A “whole grain” would be something like barley, quinoa, or brown rice.  Closest thing offered at Kappa Kappa Gamma to a “whole grain” for breakfast would be unflavored old fashioned rolled oats.  Of course, the most “whole” option would be the fruit!  Quickly and easily digested, the bananas, apples, oranges, and grapefruits offered at Kappa are a great breakfast!  Guaranteed to start your day with energy!  Some other ideas to flirt with:

  • Drink more water- hydrate when you wake up and always carry a water bottle with you
  • Chew your food- try to just notice it!  Don’t guzzle in front of the computer, take time to recognize and appreciate J
  • Healthy snack on hand- I always have a banana in my backpack.  When people get really hungry is when they start craving something seriously naughty.  Keep your cravings under control and have something healthy on you to snack on between meals.


I’m too out of shape to work out…


False!  First of all, have fun, and the work out will take care of itself!  This is you’re life we’re talking about!  Every moment to be enjoyed and embraced!  What’s your favorite t.v show?  Watch it on the treadmill!  Got reading to do for class?  Bike with it!  Gently, flirting with this!  You don’t have to push yourself to the point of agony to burn calories!  If you feel uncomfortable going to the gym, bundle up, pop some head phones in, and go for a walk!  Try doing a 2-minute wall sit while you brush your teeth.  There are lots of great workouts on YouTube and pinterest!  If you’re early to class, walk up a flight of stairs!   How many pushups can you do in 30 seconds? Try it before bed, and beat your number next time!  Then!  Roll out of bed and try a 2-minute plank!  Little by little, in the privacy of your own environment, you can certainly work out!  Secondly, you are never too out of shape to work out!  Everybody is different!  My workout would be a stroll in the park to an Olympic athlete!  Don’t let comparison steal your joy!  Do what suits you and what you feel comfortable doing.  Set an attainable goal, and do not give up!!  Everybody started somewhere. Obviously, if you put in a little effort, and stick to it, you will improve!  Patience is a virtue.  You know you can do it, so use those two working legs you were blessed with and get to it! J


It’s easier to wake up earlier in the morning and do a little fun workout than to look at yourself in the mirror each day and not like what you see.  No matter how much advice I give, only you can help yourself.  With that in mind, make a conscious decision to transition.  Behavior change takes a long time.  Habits can be your best servant, or your worst master.  I guarantee it will be worth it!





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