Three Necessities To See Your Soul Mate



Now, granted I am no relationship expert.  However, I do know that it is impossible to love somebody if you don’t love yourself first. This Valentine’s day, turn off your ego, and let yourself shine!  Open up to a new you, indulge in the positives that everyone has to bring!


  1. Love yourself

Taking care of your body is the number one way to boost confidence and decrease depression.  A diet rich in fruits and vegetables brings ample benefits to a relationship!  Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake are shown to:

  • Increase spiritual health- a healthy mental clarity leads to formation of deeper connections with people
  • Give you smoother more sensual soft skin
  • Increase serotonin production- makes you feel good about yourself, giving you natural confidence
  • Make you taste better- Do you think “ew” when you hear oral? Try eating sweet melons and pineapple! Yummy!
  • Increase natural lubrication- (ladies) high water content naturally found in these foods helps hydrate the entire body
  • Illuminates body odor- a more fruity aroma is produced as opposed to a high protein diet which leaches ammonia through the pores in the skin (blegh!)
  • Cleaner mouth- fresher smelling breath and a cleaner tasting mouth!


If you incorporate exercise into the mix, a whole slew of benefits come along too!

  • Increase endurance
  • More oxygen and blood flow to the penis and the clitoris (an even harder banana 😉
  • Give you a sexy and tone bod- (obvious)
  • The ability and stamina to try more fun positions
  • Endorphins making you feel more energized and excited!  You are one work out away from a good mood!


  1. Turn off the ego

How can you fully embrace a potential soul mate for all that he/she is worth if you cannot even do so for yourself? Turn off your ego!  What is this ego?  Everybody has one.  The “ego” can be described as the little voice in your head.  The “you’re not good enough” chatter.  How can you accept the “flaws” of another, (which are totally bogus and brought upon by the comparative demon side of human nature), if you can’t accept the “flaws” in yourself?  You are enough!  Give yourself credit for everything you do and everything you are!  Until you truly believe you are worth it and deserve to be in a healthy loving relationship, nobody else will believe it.  And once you have turned off the ego that judges yourself, turn it off when it starts to judge other people!  See the best in people and realize that everybody is worth it and deserves to be loved.  No “Shallow Hals’” allowed!


  1. What Brings You Joy?

Who can you see yourself doing the things you most enjoy with?  Something that is such an invigorating experience for you might be contrary to the potential soul mate.  It is wonderful to bring different things to the table as far as interests and abilities, but the toes of each should test both waters.  If you’re a guy who loves football, it would be quite silly to settle for a soul mate who is simply disinterested.  If you’re a girl who loves to dance, how could you stand to be taken by a man who “doesn’t dance”?  This also goes into the importance of building a strong friendship foundation before you think about soul mate status.  “Love at first site” just brings us back to the ego.  Think about multiple aspects of your life.  Who will make you grow into a better person in the long run?  Who inspires you and instills you to be the best you can be?  Who is selflessly always there for you and always wishes the best upon you?  Until you have found that person, don’t settle.  I know your soul mate is out there.  Don’t get impatient and just settle.  You know you are worth the best!


If you already have that special someone in mind, or even if you don’t, I hope this article brought you clarity and guidance that will help today!  Reach out and spread the love.  Valentines Day is a day never to be trusted with emotions.  Today, don’t hesitate.  Just text them, “come over.”  You’ll be relieved you reached out.  It sure is better than waiting all night to receive.  The more you test the waters, the closer you are to that realizing whom that magical “soul mate” relationship is supposed to be with.




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