The Big 1-8

-3 apple 1 orange smoothie with spinach, spirulina, and sprouted quinoa (out of nanners)

-dates and dried apricots

First day on the job 🙂


(well, job training) :).. Here, I made virgin Sangria 🙂 We got to practice a bunch of the recipes that they have set up for us to make in the various classes.  I will be the first food demo instructor ever at Purdue!  February 12, 2013 at 7:00pm! BE THEERREE!!  In the brand new demo kitchen in the corec! The class is called “Decadent Desserts”.. so I will be making desserts!  …with animal products, and sweeteners and refined flowers and sugars 😥 .  I hope I can still be an enthusiastic demo-girl making these things.. my passion and expertise lies in incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in the most delicious and healthy and easy ways possible.. I don’t know how to …properly scald milk!  Haha, wish me luck :-/ !  The menu selection is banana chocolate chip bites and oatmeal flax cookies…hmm when I hear the word “decadent” I think of something rich and chocolatey!!!  If I’m lucky they’ll let me demo Alissa Cohen’s Chocolate Mousse.  Cross your fingers for me!!! ❤

– ate lots of bananas at the demo kitchen, and blueberries and strawberries 🙂

and this w. nutritional yeast



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