Kappa Kappa Gamma of Purdue University’s Campus Cook: Allison Oland.  The. most. incredible. superhero. ever.  First of all, I know you’re wondering what all is in that seductive salad!!  Kale marinated with an orange, ginger, lime and lime zest, mint, date, olive oil, cayenne, and pomegranate dressing.  Absolutely fantastic.

This woman carries 120+ women on her shoulders.  Who could bare the responsibility to feed so many mouths!?  And you think just feed? Heck no!  To leave them ALL satisfied and smiling with every bite!

Not only does she have an unbelievably strong superhero grasp about what goes on behind the scenes; budget, what’s in stock, shipments coming in, food safety, menu planning, being very cautious about food allergies, cleaning, preparing, aaaannnd talking to me with a sweet smile on her face!  But, I’m sorry mom, she is. the most. talented chef. I have EVER met.  Working with her to make menus, she wouldn’t save the page numbers of the recipes I showed her or even write them down.  Which made me queezy nervous at first, but she assured me that recipes are just a guideline that if followed to a t-takes all the fun out of it!  She reads and listens to my ideas and really gets a feel for the melding flavors I am looking for and makes her own divine delight!

Also, according to Mom B, we have the healthiest salad bar on campus!! Allison has transformed our dining room into a health-filled extravagance of kale, collards, and other dark leafy options, mung sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, lentils, chick peas, and other bean varieties, hummus, whole grains like brown rice, barley and bulgur wheat, whole wheat penne pasta, salsa and avocado!!  If the kappa kappa gammas are what they eat after they eat Allison’s food, they sure are healthy, and they FOR SURE are happy!!! THANK YOU ALLISON!! ❤ ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “ALLISON OLAND!!!

  1. Congratulations little sister of mine!!!! 🙂 When are you going to fix your sister an AWESOME meal??? LOL Love you!!! Keep up the great work! Those 120 girls are sooooo lucky to have you!

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