We’re Gonna Party Like, Like It’s Day 12!

First of all, check out how rawesome this menu is!!! Asparagus, the Garlic Buttered Pasta is even vegan! Soy based butter! hummus, lentil salad, whole wheat penne w. butternut squash and sage,sexy citrus salad!!!,Essjay wraps, superhero spaghetti squash!!! balsamic mushrooms over couscous!!! that banana bread is vegan too! extended salad bar and veggie burgers!! VEGAN PARADISE!!

bombmenuHUGEEE Shout out to the chef Allison.  Will do separate Superhero post on a later date for sure, but this lady goes far beyond her job description to please all of us and she is really brilliant.  She doesn’t follow recipes and gets the idea of dishes when I describe them to her and makes them delish her way!  SHES THE SHIIZZZ!! Thank you Allison!  It’s so fun working with youu!!

I made lefty’s for lunch, looks gross I know but SOO GOOOOODD!!

sweetleftysFormal dinner… little awk.. haha 6 oranges and a bowl full of kale and basil with nutritional yeast.. when people ask me if being raw is hard.. it’s only hard cause it’s kind of uhm.. ya know.. not “normal”



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