Makin it Mainstream

Since working with the chefs at kappa, these are the changes that have been made so far:

1. carrots and celery are always a snack option in the fridge

2. there is always a whole grain on the salad bar line, like barley, bulgur wheat, brown rice and always a clean protein like sprouts, beans, hummus, etc

3. they have incorporated collards, kale, and swiss chard and have ordered less iceburg variety (little nutrients)

4. much more fruit variety offered as a snack option such as bananas, apples, oranges, pears, grapefruit!

I’m also still trying to get a vegan opion at every meal!

And check out how mainstream it has become!

peteonthgoRipped and rawesome Peter Searle picked up this on the go and said, “It was gooooooooodddd!”


At the Region III Lead On I met a vegan girl from Canada!  And I was so excited to see all these options!

But.. Rome wasn’t built in a day :-/

rome1dayThe rawesomee chef Allison pointed out how there is ALWAYS meat haha and this weeks menu is slowly incorporating a vegan option every day! 😀


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