day7breakybuck3 bananas, swiss chard, spirulina, buckwheat sprouts, water, ice 🙂

  • 2 grapefruits

day7lunchcollards, spinach, BASIILL <3, yellow peppah, mushroom, alfalfa sprouts, HARD RED WHEATBERRIE SPROUTZZ ❤ ❤ SO NOM, carrot, raw walnuts (eeek not sprouted), and chopped apple.  I also added dried cranberries from salad bar halfway through munchinn

  • a banana
  • an apple
  • some raw almonds



Lol scone!!?!! (yes it is the most delish pile of mush you will EVER lay eyes on 😉 ; apple. ginger, wheatberrie sprouts, a date, hemp, and cinnamon 😛


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