Jivin day 5!

day5Banana bread recipe: food process nanners, barley, dates, cinnoman and dehydrate… no food processor or dehydator! still nommy #collegelife #happylife #LifeIsRawesome


Dinner I made dressin:

grapefruitdressinGrapefruit, a date, like a tablespoon ground golden flax, like a tablespoon hemp, slice of ginger, basil leaf!  (I think the grapefruit was a lil sour.. we don’t have oranges though so grapefruit wasn’t bad!)

day5dinSO BOMB! Over red kale with alfalfa sprouts from the salad bar, my lentil sprouts, and dried cranberries.  The dried cranberries were essential sweetness to the tart grapefruit!  It ended up being amazing!!


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