Third Time’s A Charm :)

day3breaky2 nanners, giant swiss chard leaf, tsp spirulina, 1 TBS sesame seeds I think? baah kinda forget

wpid-20130119_122838.jpgAt Wiley dining court.  This. lunch. was. BOMB. I was like so impressed with myself.  The spinach cucumber grape salad has wicked chopped broccoli and craisins and scallions and walnuts.  I was like pissed that I put scallions thinking it’d be gross but IT WAS SO GOOD. I loved the mix of the scallion with the craisin and the walnut.  I also asked for fresh clean kale, at Windsor they usually just hand me a couple of leaves and i rip it up myself on the spot, hhaha but this guy chopped it and put it in a bowl! Haha alright, alright I see you :).  Cut up and squeezed some orange, added some carrots and cherry tomato.  Delightful lunch!

day3dinLOL ok ok I know. I know this looks gross.  But the chefs aren’t here on the weekends and I don’t have access to the kitchen so I have no utensils/ ingredients except my lil stash!  I blended 1TBS sesame and added 1 TBS golden flax, an orange, 2 dates, and some wawa.  Ginger and mint much needed.  But still decent.  Ripped with my hands another orange into it and sprinkled my lentil and barley sprouts.

dessertday3Chocolate rawkshakeeeee nannerz, raw cacao, ice, wawa, a lil bit of spirulinaa and BOOM


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