Day 4 Such a Score!!!

Breakfast: Blended 3 nanners, lil spirulina, and some sprouted barley and ice and wawa (forgot pic sorryy)

Amanda and I went to SUNSPOT!!

sunspotSunspot is all organic amazingness!!  They have kimchi, kombucha, I got hemp! (didn’t see maca :/) but I felt so at home at this place!! They had student discount and 20% more off on Thursdays!! WOOOOO if anyones looking for me on Thursday, you know where I’ll be!!!

I made Amanda and I sushi for lunch 🙂


sushiiConsidering all we had to work with was my tiny smoothie blender and plastic utensils, I’d say these not so picture perfect nori rolls were quiteee stupendous! The “rice” was supposed to have cauliflower but Sunspot was out so I decided broccoli had a somewhat similar texture, we blended the broccoli with a lil lime and avo and dulse flakes.  The roll also has swiss chard, red pepper slivers, peeled carrot, avocado and a sprinkle of sesame seeds :-). So refreshing and yummy!!! Amanda really liked it!! Girls were walking in and out of the kitchenette curious as to what we were up to.  I made them some.  That wide eyed smile that my friends gave me after biting into this raw vegan health-filled happiness. “KATIE. This is GOOOD.”  ……PRICELESS.

Dinner with John Biel:



john3This had 3 lil oranges, 5ish sprigs of basil, like a top of thumb sized piece of ginger, 2 medjool dates and like 1/4 cup hemp.  Not to shabby.  It was supposed to have mint but the basil was actually really good!  We also had to add water because his blender wasn’t having it :-/ creamier woulda been better.  Still delish!

I made Grace, Amanda, and Caroline cheezy noodles!

  • 2 zucchinis using potato peeler into linguini and theen slice up thin bell pepper, dice up some tomato, rip up some broccoliii, 1/4 avocado, 3/4 cup ish ? nutritional yeast, lil cold filtered water (blend like 1/4 cup nutritional yeast and avo and wawa in blender) and pour rest yeast over . then chop up basil and sprinkle on top!! nom nom nomm  Also, added dulse flakes!!


gracecheezIsn’t Gracie the cutest!? 😉 xoxoxxx


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