21 Day Challenge Day 1

Okay, here’s the DL

I am a very curious girl.  With curiousness, comes fascination, research, and experimentation.  I have been working and collaborating with my food science professor Dr. Charles Santerre a lot.  He really enjoys picking my curious mind to pieces and is encouraging me as a mentor to stay motivated and go to grad school in the future.  He has me testing a Fish4Health android application at the moment and would like me to be the North East representative for a nation wide study on mercury intake of pregnant or nursing women accross the US and test their mercury levels and see what kinds of fish are harmful, what might be best, and where is there the most mercury consumed.  Now this is pretty sweet that he wants me to take this on, but I have my own research to attend to!  Here I am, a vegan, in a world encouraging more protein and supplements than ever before, very insecure of my well being!  Is this diet unhealthy?!  Am I deficient!?  SO!  The vegan challenge commences!!

Chatting with my love Caroline McKinney about how I want to do research and how she wants to get healthy, it was the perfect match!  We would test Caroline’s levels and have her go vegan and test again and see if she was nutritionally sound!  Not only nutritionally sound, but maybe nutritionally better!?

THEN My friend Gracie forgot her iClicker in class where there was an iClicker quiz.  I sprinted it to her.  During my sprint, I received a text, “IF YOU BRING IT TO ME I’LL GO VEGAN FOR A MONTH”.  Hahaha oh KALE ya.

Then we started getting excited.  We all made appointments! I decided, as a certified raw vegan chef, if my friends were going to challenge themselves, I want to too!  100% RAW BABY WOOO!!  Thats my little personal experiment!  Its definitely more of a challenge at school with such a busy schedule and limited food choices, but if anyone can make it work, it’s me :-).  I have been working with the chefs a ton making vegan menus and emailing recipes and youtube vids and the girls are LOVING IT!

Then, Caroline, Gracie, and I had our appointments 🙂


My Arm ^


Gracie’s Arm^ 😉

With all these vegan options being added and hubbub around the house, I have been floooded with girls texting and facebooking me “I wanna do it!” “Katie, can I do it too?!” So Amanda Coons made an appointment and joined our study as well!

Next, our friend Jake Burris was intrigued by the study and made an appointment!!!

The goal is simply to feel better! 🙂

Grace, Amanda, and I met with the RD (registered dietitian) on campus and she was a load of $h!t!  I asked her how much protein we need and she didn’t even know!  She just said “a lot!” and then she said “actually, don’t eat too much protein..”  haha she made no sense and told us we were deprived and that candy is healthy and is basically jealous cause she’s not going vegan and feeling rawesome like me and my friends! haha!  Well as a vegan with very normal results, I am living proof that you do not need to worry about protein! 🙂  So chill people!!

The first official day was today and Caroline made a delicious lunch!


Caroline and Grace both were so happy and excited today because it felt amazing to be really eating healthy!  Those words are so sweet to hear!  That is the goal!  Happiness! ❤


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