Sam Romano


At the drinking age, the new chef at the Organic Garden Raw Vegan Cafe in Beverly, MA; this certified holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, certified raw-vegan chef from the Living Light Culinary Institute in California, attendee of programs at  Gabriel Cousens’s (author of “Conscious Eating”) Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, and the Woodstock Fruit Festival with over 200 lectures; this kid knows whats up.  As if I, the queen of different-eatingness (as far as my mid-western peers goes) could meet somebody who really pushes the norm making me say “wait, what!”  Sam is an advocate of Dr. Doug Graham’s  “80/10/10” diet; which basically means 80% carbs from fruits, 10% protein from leafy greens and like veggies I guess, and 10% from fats, like nuts or seeds.  I am still unsure of this as I have yet to read this book!  I’m sure it’s amazing.  Sam somehow got me to read “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman.  Now, you see, I don’t read books.  I am far to busy enjoying myself doing etc etc!  But! you! must! read! this! book!  It was such a beautiful beautiful book I am sad that I read it so quickly because the images that were going in my brain were oh so interesting and stunning and it’s relatable with great journeys and inspiration and lessons! and just, cool!  Please read it!

Anywho, Sam eats mostly fruit.  A fruitarian one could say.  He gets his inspiration from youtube and inspired me so much by sending me these rawesome vids!!!  FullyRaw Kristina is my new obsession!!!  And FreeLee!!!  Click both of those names right now and your world is bound to be rocked in the most beautiful way!!

Sam’s true passion is boarding.  Quiet snowboarder punk skater bad boy; haha one might think this superhero is up to something mischievous.  However, I have never met anybody more compassionate; or with such a sense of excitement about life and all it has to offer.  His good friend went to India and came back vegan!  Pizza-lover Sam dabbled and noticed how the more he ate this way the more amazing he felt, (not to mention he now has beautiful human feelings towards animals)  He told me he’d eat a pizza again, but never one with animal products again!

Young for his accomplishments Sam isn’t interested in meeting people at bars or smoking a big one.  He told me, “I do what I like to do, and that makes me really happy”  He’d much rather go to bed early and wake up early to go snowboarding than stay up late socializing with liquid confidence.  Talk about inspiration for the kappa sister over here!  He continues to eat this way to feel his best, the most energized.

NUTR315  lecture 2:


My eyes filled up with tears when I saw this on the big screen in my NUTR315 lecture.  Its incredible how alone and crazy I feel here at Purdue sometimes!  I have so many wonderful friends and loved ones, I am the luckiest girl in the world!  But yesterday, was certainly a rough day; serious loss of inspiration.  But then I thought, you know what, I really don’t care what case this (obese might I add, and sadly out of breath trying to present this) professor is trying to make, I look and feel amazing on a raw vegan diet, and I love animals so much, I don’t care what anybody else does or what the better way for most might be.

Sam taught me that.  Sam taught me how to stay inspired.  I went home and showed my friends FullyRaw Kristina and FreeLee, thank you Sam and thank you youtube!  An endless vat of beautiful inspiring people that keep my head on my shoulders!  And how my friends are now fascinated and inspired too!

Sam is not only a peaceful warrior, but a true superhero if there ever was one!


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