Life Alive and Revitalive!

Life Alive has made vegan wonderfulness mainstream!! With kombucha on tap and menu items such as “The Sufi Poet”, “The Seductress”, and “The Healer”, there’s no way it can’t be rawesome.  In believing that the quote “you are what you eat” is reality, I of course ordered “The Warrior” and the “Superhero Alive” juice.


“The Warrior- An Invincible, iron-rich protein powerhouse of red lentil-garlic hummus, topped with tofu, peppitas, carrots and spring greens, all vigorously rewarded by our sensational sweet Sesame Miso Sauce.”  “Superhero Alive-Carrot, apple, ginger, spirulina, cayenne, garlic, apple cider vinegar, honey and pure water. An intense powerhouse of immune boosting ingredients that will kick out your cold and keep you running strong!”  SOO DELICIOUS!!  So am I a warrior superhero yet?!

Revitalive has an INCREDIBLE menu.  Omg.  Hooow have I never been to this place before.  You’re just gonna have to go to the website/ go there and see for yourself.  I went with the certified raw vegan chef, holistic health coach, and peaceful warrior Sam Romano who brilliantly had me try the falafel hero.  (deff woulda ordered it anyways seeing its connotation to hero) haha Which is a raw wrap with a sweet nom nom creamy sauce and the most amazing raw hummus I’ve EVER had, and gah so delicious with real pickles mmm couldn’t recommend it more! And Kallee chipzz!  Wish I took a better glamor shot of this baby!

He also had me try the mexican bowl which was certainly delish!  LOVE mexican food and anything along the lines of!

But the falafel hero had a hold on me.  “Falafel Hero-Fresh hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and falafel patties served on our coconut-flax wrap with a side of kale chips  “Mexi-Bowl- Quinoa, fresh salsa, avocado, ‘refried beans’, romaine lettuce, lime and our tangy chili sauce”


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