So.. what muscle are we working?


Next semester, I will be teaching 20/20/20 which is 20 minutes muscle conditioning, 20 minutes core, and 20 minutes cardio.  This poster I found in my friend, Emily Dunham’s new gym in Salem is a great tool for me!  I want to not just knock the socks off my participants with an amazing @$$ workout 😉 , but have them leaving knowing what the heck muscles they worked too!  I’m a little nervous about teaching, I think what I’ll do is 3 sets of about 16 reps? For various muscle conditioning exercises like squat with bicep curls, lunge with flys, chest presses, etc etc?  A lot of my favorite muscle conditioning movements incorporate core a lot, so  I was thinking more tabata style for the core section with only 3 sets, 20 seconds of say mountain climbers or walking plank, with 10 seconds rest, 3 times.  And then for cardio (which will be half accomplished by the core section) will be fully accomplished by a little more tabata-esque (like say high knees) and 3-4 of my most endurance enveloping dance mania routines!

The way 20/20/20 was set up before is cardio first and core last, but I have read that when muscles are fatigued first, more calories will be burned doing cardio after a muscle conditioning session!  Hope my spin on things works out!


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