Yogurt vs. Milk Dairy?

Through all I have learned so far about nutrition is that there is no perfect diet and everything is toxic to some extent. “The dose makes the poison” ; even organic vegetables have acids that could be potentially harmful if you overdo it.
Cliche but still the best advice I can give, everything in moderation!
I have been concerned about not having an answer to your question, at the Brattleboro food co-op in Vermont where this Greek yogurt specialist lady just explained to me; I learned that yogurt doesn’t bother lactose intolerant people because the good bacteria, the probiotics, counteract/ eat the lactose that causes humans to be sick.  Not only do these probiotics get rid of tummy troubling lactose, but they create healthy gut flora and good bacteria in the digestive tract.
Now granted this lady’s job is to make this yogurt sound appealing to me..but from what I have read in the past and the way it makes my body feel makes sense to me!
My suggestion: just be sure to purchase organic of course, but the original flavor or unflavored greek yogurt and add your own fruit and honey/ natural sweetener.  The flavored varieties have so much added sugar, flavor, and preservative that would make the yogurt unhealthy.

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