Córdova Recreational Sports Center



Group X and Learn to Play tours the CREC!!!During week zero, I got to tour the Cordova Recreational Sports Center!  Here are some pics I took!

Yoga studio!!

Group X room that I will be teaching in!!!!

I went into this tour expecting to be dazzled!  And don’t get me wrong- this place is IMPRESSIVE. Like insanely state of the art.  I could tell every last detail was thought over infinity plus one times to make sure it is the best it could be.  But.. it doesn’t look DONE!  I have a queezy feeling in my stomach that it won’t open when it is supposed to.  But look at this place!

Yup, thats a sauna, and the rock climbing wall is SO BIG!  And I don’t think real rock looks as real as this, haha.  Its cray.  I can’t wait for it to open!




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