KKG Smoothie! <3

Just bought an amazing blender at Walmart for under 20$!!   It is AMAZING! Love it love it LOVE IT!












  • ice and chilled water
  • 2-3 rounded Tbs of soaked buckwheat
  • 2-3 rounded Tbs of soaked flax
  • my 4 juice plus’s powder for the day
  • 1 rounded Tbs raw cacao powder
  • 2 bananas  😀



2 thoughts on “KKG Smoothie! <3

  1. Hi Katie!
    It’s Emily from JT.
    I have a friend dealing with some digestive issues & is interested in juicing. Can you recommend any websites for a beginner-juicer regarding the health benefits from juice & how to get started?
    Miss you!

    1. http://www.hippocratesinst.org/archives/116-nutrition/537-getting-juiced-about-juicing

      This is from the Hippocrates Health Institute website! The Hippocrates Health Institute is where people go to get healed of their diseases like cancer etc. etc. through lifestyle and nutrition, holistically. It tells a little bit about the benefits of juicing. I’m unsure about beginner juicers but I suppose in desperate measures any cheap juicer would do! Hope this was helpful! Miss you too! All the best!

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