Kelley Braun, mother of the amazing Hayley Braun <3!, physical therapist, and juice plus educator and representative inspired me tonight to finally invest in life insurance.

Life insurance- as in the most important thing to invest in ever- in the form of what? WHOLE. FOOD. NUTRITION.

Yup. it’s that simple, its called Juice Plus.  As a college student who eats more fruits and vegetables than anybody (minus Christine Lucas and my other superheroes)- I still have made the commitment to juice plus.  It’s a sure fire way to get the antioxidants and nutrients my body needs to heal itself beautifully.  When I can’t control other toxins constantly effecting my body- water, stress, air, stress, skin/hair/makeup/soap products, more stress, the one thing I can control (somewhat! #college life) is what I eat.

Do yourself a favor, and get some f&%$*&^ life insurance.


One thought on “LiveLifetothePlus!

  1. Katie, Thank you so much for coming. It was great to have you here. Of all the people I know, you have the best diet. It will be interesting to see what additional nutrition will do for you. : )

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