Beverly 5k

My second 5k!  Inspired by the incredible ironman Brendan Brazier!  I got his book “Thrive” and it has so many rawdonculous recipes for sports drinks and quick easily absorbed energy to be used asap in races and stuff!!!  I can’t wait to read more of his book and who knows- ironwoman-superhero-JKSHDF IT’S ON BRENDAN. And ya dudes, he’s straight up vegan, and look at him! hellz ya. i’d tap that. #veganeyecandy

And not to mention!  He’s the creator of VEGA the amazing nutritional supplement that I’m in denial of being addicted to, its absolutely perfect.  The natural complete nutrition one- it’s where its at.  I feel amazing after I have it- it’s the perfect breakfast for me before a workout.  Give it a go yo.


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