Alicia Silverstone!!!


My story.  My sister Mary ❤ decided to become a vegetarian after seeing the movie “Avatar”.  Ya the one with the blue people and whatnot.  Whatever, good movie aside, i was like aight sounds fun I’ll do it too.  She wanted the book, “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone.  I got it for her for her bday.  And like every other great gift I have given to my sister- I ended up taking it and reading it myself.  I fell in love with this book.  I related to every word.  I felt the deepest connection to everything about everything about it!!  I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this book and Alicia Silverstone.  I had made it my mission 3 years ago was it? to become a superhero some day, thanks to Alicia.  She is my superhero.  She is my superhero of superheroes.  I have read the book countless times and I am flipping through it as we speak.  It is my bible.  No, it is not raw, but I feel amazing on the superhero diet.  It is so kind and simple.  My body loves me from the inside out.  Macrobiotic brilliance.  Love you Alicia.  Thanks times infinity!  Check out her web site


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