OG Internship!

This week I was an intern at the cafe I work at, “Rawbert’s Organic Garden” where the chef, Tina, and another intern and talented chef and cooking educator, Shaun (sp?) (last name!? 😦 ) from Toronto, Canada, worked in the kitchen of the OG (Organic Garden) and learned all the ins and outs of the recipes and raw vegan cuisine, in the end becoming Raw Foods Certified Chefs!  Shaun and Tina taught me so much!!!

Shaun recommended I watch “Food Matters” and read a book by “David Wolfe”, it just so happens that in this little 3-minute trailer, I got a earful of what they are both all about!  WATCH IT!

Tina is a brilliant and vibrant woman who really runs the show in the kitchen.  She taught me so much about dehydrating and the benefits of different ingredients, as well as the uses for the different ingredients in different recipes.  Not to mention keeping up with all of the stock in the restaurant and making sure everything is fresh, organized, and ready to go!  You go Tina!

Shaun is also incredibly vibrant!  What a breath of fresh air!  All the way from Toronto, Canada, Shaun camped out at a Salem campsite and rode his bike to come work with us!  He is CLEARLY highly educated!  Not only a swift, talented chef, but a bright and optimistic high school cooking teacher.  He sure taught me a thing or two!!!  From how to hold a knife, to how to follow my dreams.  So inspiring, thanks so much Shaun!

I’m so honored I got the chance to work with these two!


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