Meredith’s Muscle Conditioning!

“Meredith Doherty (front third from left in dark blue top) began teaching group exercise classes in 2006, while attending Endicott College for Nursing. After graduating she pursued her career in Emergency Nursing and continued teaching fitness classes as well. While working in the E.R she became even more aware of the benefits of educating and motivating others to be healthy. She became extremely interested new styles of training such as TRX and other functional training methods, and wellness as a whole. Meredith is a NETA Group Exercise Instructor, and a Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also Mad Dogg spin certified, and has taken group instructor courses in both TRX and RIP Training. She taught and trained at DiHard Fitness in Salem, and the YMCA of the North Shore.”

Meredith teaches the best muscle conditioning class!  As a groupx instructor myself, she gets 10 for 10, A++ in cues, counting, vocabulary, muscle group order, options, and FUN!  She modifies and challenges amazingly.  never boring, and always feeling the burn.  This woman is extremely knowledgeable, and it shows.  An amazing instructor, too bad last Monday was her last class 😥 She’s movin’ on to bigger and better things.. WE MISS YOU MEREDITH! ❤

Her typical class might look something like this:

  • start w/ legs (largest muscle group) >> some type of squat
  • stationary split squat hold weights w/ light weight shoulder flip press for variation
  • scare crow >> arms up, flip with split lunges >> 64
  • Inner thigh ball squeeze >>NOT ON KNEES>> pulses, with biceps
  • reverse grip row> elbows together > shoulders back away from ears
  • pushups (4 options!: wall, knees, feet, one foot)>> tricep kick backs > dips
  • triceps with ball> or small band
  • hip abduction (stunning vocab 😉 > w/ mini band or body bar > tap foot forward and back and circles>> bent knee open and close
  • posterior and glute work> hip extensions with ham curls back, knee in and out with mini band on thighs
  • planks with variation ❤ 😀

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