<3 Natalie Coughlin <3

Eat to Excel Lasting success starts and ends in the kitchen. pg. 120 Women’s Health Magazine July/August

“The average college student is happy (enough) with dining hall fare, but swimming powerhouse, Natalie Coughlin was clearly not average– she grew her own herbs, veggies, and citrus trees in wine barrel planters on the balcony of her apartment at the University of California at Berkeley.  When she bought her Bay Area home in 2007, she immediately built seven large vegetable beds in her backyard, filling them with herbs, salad greens, lots of kale, seasonal foods, and, her fave, strawberries.

Her flourishing garden is a testament to te high value Coughlin puts on her nutrition.  While even greasy bar food can give you energy during a workout, a veggie-packed chicken salad will fuel you far better.  Her test: “For everything you eat, ask yourself why.  It will help you make better choices.”  That’s not to say splurges are off-limits.  If you’re going to have piled-high nachos, just know why- it’s an indulgence to enjoy, in moderation.

While Coughlin is picky about exactly where her food comes from- eggs laid by her five chickens and produce from farmers’ markets- there’s one part of her diet she doesn’t fuss over.  “I don’t obsess over calorie counts anymore.  When you do, I’ve noticed you can get pretty OCD about it.  Instead, I pay attention to how I feel.  I eat a variety of foods, savor every bite, and I don’t obsess about every last micronutrient.”

pg 122: “She has won a medal in every Olympic race she’s entered (thats 11- and counting)”

!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS


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