Christine Lucas, HHC, AADP

At the holistic health expo at the St. Andrew’s church, Christine and I pose in front of her table with fliers for her next two classes coming up!  Tuesday (tomorrow):

and then on Thursday!! SO EXCITED! :

Christine is an inspiration to us all.  Such a steadfast and secure belief of what is right and true and an energetic spirit that radiates to everyone and everything she comes in contact with.  The most brilliant woman.  She knows absolutely everything there is to know about health and living well and, just, EVERYTHING!  I remember the first time I took a class of hers at the Y, I went into it thinking I wouldn’t learn anything (I am a nutrition geek..!) and I was BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER INSPIRED AND EMPOWERED WITH SO MUCH KNOWLEDGEE!!  This woman’s brilliant.  She knows just how to help each and every individual individually!

She sure helped me, boy!  One would think that a nutrition geek like myself would be able to healthily eat and live the best right?  Well, through my journey, naysayers have really gotten to me.  Especially going to the midwest, where the go to food source is mcdonalds, jimmy johns, or cheesy bread delivery.. you get it, haha.  The college life is rough.  I second guess myself about my knowledge and I did fall of the wagon.  And I felt like absolute CRAP!!  Haha  But, helping Christine again this summer, I know as a matter of factly that I AM educated, and I feel 300 times over better!  I know what I am doing.  “We are spiritual beings living a human experience” As Christine says.  In her latest talk at this expo where the picture of us was taken, she spoke of the 6 steps to creating the life you love.  “Think, write, speak, believe, act, be.” ❤  I believe!

Christine Lucas is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor (HHC) and the founder and president of Compete Mind and Body, Holistic Health and Nutritional Consulting.

Complete Mind and Body specializes inhelping clients improve eating habits and experience an increase in overall satisfaction with their lives. At Complete Mind and Body, Christine begins with food, but doesn’t stop there. She incorporates a true holistic approach byconsidering lifestyle factors such as stress management, finding physicalactivity that’s fun and exciting, having honest and open relationships, being in a career or life path that’s inspiring and she encourages her clients to find some sort of spiritual practice in which they feel connected. Christine’s goal is not only to educate her clients and help implement healthier food choices, she also encourages them to recognize what feeds their soul and hunger for living. As a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor Christine works to help her clients find balance in all areas of their lives. She practices in New York City, Boston and Marblehead, MA and also counsels by phone for those inother areas.

Christine became interested in health over a decadeago when, after a car accident, doctors said she could no longer enjoy anactive lifestyle, because of a back injury and being overweight. Refusing to beresigned to such a fate, she was determined to take control of her life. Christine began to educate herself on health, diet, exercise and spirituality. After losing 40 lbs and altering her overall wellness perspective,Christine’s life completely changed. Friends and family noticed herremarkable transformation and naturally wanted her to help guide them towards their own healing.


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