Common Barriers to Behavior Change

In my summer course, HK215, health and kinesiology, public health class, i was particularly intrigued by this, check it out:

If you think….      then> try this strategy….

“I don’t have enough time”  Chart your hourly activities for 1 day.  What are your highest priorities?  What can you eliminate?  PLan to make some time for a healthy change next week.

“I’m too stressed”   Asses your major stressors right now.  List those you can control and those you can change or avoid.  Then identify two things you enjoy that can help you reduce stress now.

“I worry about what others may think”  Ask yourself how much others influence your decisions about drinking, sex, eating habits, etc.  What is most important to you?  What actions can you take to act in line with these values?

“I don’t think I can do it”  Just because you haven’t before doesn’t mean you can’t now.  To develop some confidence, take baby steps and break tasks into small pieces.

“It’s a habit I can’t break”  Habits are difficult to break but not impossible.  What triggers your behavior?  List ways you can avoid these triggers.  Ask for support from family and friends.

Cool eh?


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